Touchstone Essentials: 10 Years of Goodness

Touchstone Essentials

When Touchstone Essentials sprouted into being 10 years ago, I’d like to tell you it was all rainbows and unicorns, but like all worthy endeavors, the reality was filled with lots of work and hard-won victories.

We didn’t start out thinking of ourselves as rebels. But when you compare us to what’s in most store-bought, industrialized, synthetic supplements—having organic, toxic-free ingredients is a bit revolutionary.

Most startups don’t make it past their first year, and the majority fail to get past the five-year mark. That’s why it’s especially sweet to not only reach 10 years but to celebrate it with so many people.

Over the years, people of all ages, activity levels, and athletes discovered how good it feels when you take out the bad and get the good inside. Each year our community has grown and kept on growing. Today, we’re in homes on every continent and primed to make a lasting difference in people’s lives.

As I look back, I want to share some of the guiding principles that have served us well in the past 10+ years as we’ve brought goodness around the world. These 10 principles of goodness will continue to steer us in the right direction in the years to come. Contact us for more help on (+61) 555-1408.

Touchstone Essentials
Touchstone Essentials
Pure Body Extra

Toxins Are Everywhere

Everyday exposure to a variety of heavy metals in air, food, and water adds up. Most heavy metals accumulate in the body where they can affect multiple organs and systems and create health issues.

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